Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This is very exciting - I’ve finally taken my love of food to the next level! I graduated from college in May 2008 and spent the last year commuting to New York City, living at home with my parents, and going stir-crazy. This maddening boredom led to indulging my already overwhelming obsession with food and cooking. I spent countless evenings looking up new recipes online, reading different blogs, and adding more cookbooks to my bookshelf than regular books. By this time, I’d become a sort of expert on both Excel and the New York food & dining scene. It seemed right to take this obsession to the next level, so here is Little Scarlet - my own blog about the foods I love and the places that serve them.

Little Scarlet will focus primarily on New York restaurants, but I hope it will gradually grow to include recipes, new foods (or at least foods that are new to me), and general food happenings of New York City. Of course, if I go on vacation, Little Scarlet comes with me, so look out for food updates about other places, as well!

What’s in the future from here? Food writing? Food editing? Maybe even covering the occasional food/food-related festival?

I hope you’ll stick around and find out!

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