Monday, October 26, 2009

Poll of the Week - 10.26.2009

Halloween is this Saturday, which means this week should be full of pumpkin carving, last-minute costume ideas, and ... buying new Halloween candy because you’ve already eaten all of the candy you bought last week!

This week’s “Poll of the Week” asks, what is your favorite Halloween candy?

This week, Little Scarlet is throwing in an extra poll, just for kicks (David & Meghan, this is for you!): What’s your favorite scary movie of the 1980’s?

I love Halloween, it’s such a fun time of year, whether you’ve got a great costume ready or are planning a devilish party or spooky feast.  Tell Little Scarlet your monstrous plans - and Happy Halloween!!


  1. Cenobite-size PortionOctober 26, 2009 at 11:01 AM

    Dearest Little SCARElet,

    A worthy recipe from Hellraiser's own Pinhead: Filet of YOUR SOUL!


    1. Puzzle box.
    2. Your soul.

    Begin by TEARING YOUR SOUL APART. Then enjoy!

    Demons are busy and like to keep it simple. I hear Food Network's considering giving him his own show...

  2. I can't resist those Reese's cups. Plus I like their commercials about what the scariest thing this Halloween will be :0)

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  3. I love Milky Way bars, but really can't stop eating Three Musketeers!

  4. I love Reese's cup. My favorite by far. My kids know they will have to surrender all of them, lol

  5. My favorite are Reese's cups too.

    I am not a big fan of scary movies though. I get too scared... When I was younger, I saw a scary movie and was then home alone. I guess the experience scared me for life... :)

  6. can't believe M&Ms not an option...

  7. Well to me, Reese's always taste like Christmas, because when I was little they were poured into silver dishes for the holidays - the very small ones wrapped in green or red or gold foil. VERY fancy! Give me the wax lips, please - and a big dish of pumpkin seeds hot from the oven, crusted with salt, fresh out of the night's jack o'lantern.