Monday, October 5, 2009

Poll of the Week - 10.5.2009

Today’s “Poll of the Week” is inspired by yesterday's review of Luke’s Lobster. As the weather gets colder and people start digging sweaters out of their summer hiding places, I always think of the leaves turning in New England - and who can think of New England without thinking of lobster and other shellfish?

This week’s “Poll of the Week” asks what is your favorite shellfish?

I’d love to hear more - tell me how you like to eat your favorite shellfish in the Comments section!


  1. This was a tricky one as I love ALL shellfish. I love scallops, but there never seem to be enough of them on my plate! Osyters are delicious and I have found memories of catching crabs in the sound in Duck, NC with my family! However, I feel as though I know a lobster personally as a result of the many "lobster christmas pageants" my sisters and I have put on over the years. I like them with butter and lots of lemon, and prefer if a certain boy is there to help me crack open the tail!

  2. I love all shellfish, that's one of my favourite food! I voted for lobster, but I like all of them (If I have to make a ranking: lobster and scallop at top, then crab, then oysters and mussels).
    I love to eat oyster au naturelm just with some lemon juice drops, raw scallops, grilled or steamed lobster, crab cake or crab meat, mussels in many way. the best I've ever had are stuffed mussels, delicious!