Monday, December 14, 2009

Poll of the Week - 12.14.2009

With Christmas only a few days away, this is a popular week for Christmas parties. This means you can expect lots of singing, some festive holiday drinks, and (of course!) tons of Christmas cookies! In a previous “Poll of the Week”, Little Scarlet asked about your favorite Yuletide drink - the results were close, but hot cocoa beat out both hot cider and mulled wine, so make sure you have plenty of it at your own holiday gathering.

In this week’s “Poll of the Week”, Little Scarlet wants to know about your favorite Christmas cookie. Do you like ones with jam? Traditional cookies from the motherland? Be sure to tell Little Scarlet all about it!

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

In case you are unfamiliar with any of these varieties, please visit the following links for more information:
Gingerbread Men
Santa’s Thumbprint
Sugar Cookies


  1. Gingerbread Men r the best!!! I like to bite of the legs and than the arms. That sounds so cruel, but for some reason as a kid i was fascinated with the arms and legs.

  2. I think the shortbread dipped in white chocolate that I made for our party last night are my favorite so far. I even posted some photos on the Cult today.

  3. Definitely Gingerbread Men - the kids love them too. And of course you can do so many 'variations' such as Gingerbread Angels, Gingerbread Stars, Gingerbread Santas etc etc.Yum.

  4. I'm in the minority. I like Pfeffernuse. They remind me of the wedding cookies I love so much, but with that peppery kick.

  5. Any of these would work for me.