Monday, January 4, 2010

Poll of the Week - 1.04.2010

Welcome to the first “Poll of the Week” of 2010!!

New Year’s Eve is a time for revelry, and between the specialty cocktails, coolers full of beer, and friends who make sure your hand is never empty, New Year’s Day can sometimes bring a brutal welcome to the next year. All of those resolutions to “eat right” start after one meal - breakfast on January 1. When you wake up feeling a little under-the-weather, what do you reach for? A friend of mine swears by Lay’s® Potato Chips and “yellow”-flavored Gatorade®, while another will only drink ginger ale and green tea. Little Scarlet rang in 2010 with rye toast and scrapple - the BEST, most underrated breakfast meat! (It’s very popular in the mid-west and mid-Atlantic regions - thank you, Philadelphia!)

Most seem to find success in more traditional cures, though, and this week Little Scarlet wants to know what’s your favorite hangover remedy?

If you have any other favorite ideas, leave them in a Comment for your fellow readers!


  1. i spent all of new year's day wishing i was near a five guys - i really needed one of their cheeseburgers to help me out! the local diner was a poor substitute :(

  2. my grandmother always said the best cure for a hangover is to not drink.......but this is one thing we kids never listened to...

  3. Monavie and oatmeal :) I didnt drink that much :)

  4. My number one hangover remedy is water, water, water...


    ...water, water, and more water.

  5. I love your polls!!

    <3 CM

  6. Definitely the fry-up variety of food!

    I once made a big omelette type thing with potatoes, cherry toms, peppers and onion (on my blog actually as 'Hangover Cure', haha.)

    I just left it cooking away quietly in the background as me and my housemate were lying on the sofas in the living room with hangovers. It was well worth the wait!