Monday, January 25, 2010

Poll of the Week - 1.25.2010

As my loyal readers already know, this past weekend, Little Scarlet was lucky enough to participate in Foodbuzz’s “24, 24, 24” program – that’s 24 Meals in 24 Hours on 24 Posts. Little Scarlet embarked upon a culinary journey to the land of the Midnight Sun (aka “Sweden”), and was met with great success!

Today’s “Poll of the Week” involves a little bit of shameless self-promotion (follow Little Scarlet on Twitter! add Little Scarlet to your RSS feeds!). If you read yesterday’s post about Saturday’s Swedish Smörgåsbord, you’ll see that there were lots of different recipes used. Today’s poll asks, of the dishes prepared during Little Scarlet’s Swedish Smörgåsbord, which are you most eager to try for yourself?

Links (of course!) to all recipes are posted here:


  1. It's a trick question because they were all amazing!! As a greatful guest of the dinner party (and picture subtitle contributor) I can attest that the food was simply delicious.