Monday, February 1, 2010

Poll of the Week - 2.01.2010

I absolutely love the Miss America Pageant and have watched it with my family every year since I can remember. So before we get into the “Poll of the Week”, I’d like to congratulate Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron, for winning 2010’s Miss America Pageant!

Miss America 2009 (Miss Indiana, Katie Stam) crowns Miss America 2010 (Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron)

Moving on to business, though, many of you are probably spending this week preparing for this Sunday’s marathon eating session, also known as “Super Bowl XLIV”. The Indianapolis Colts will play the New Orleans Saints, and upwards of 90 million Americans will be tuned in to see the outcome. Of course, it’s almost impossible to get a large group of people together to watch football without feeding everyone (unless you want to incite a riot!), making Super Bowl Sunday the biggest eating day of the year after Thanksgiving!

According to ABC, Americans consume more than 11 million pounds of potato chips and 53.5 million pounds of Hass avocados on Super Bowl Sunday, with the average person eating 1200 calories worth of food just during the game itself!!

Everyone has their own game-time specialty, whether it’s your own spin on a classic Velveeta dip or if you and your friends keep the local pizza parlor in business. This week, Little Scarlet wants to know what is your favorite Super Bowl game-time food?

Be sure to check back this week for some of Little Scarlet’s favorite Super Bowl recipes!


  1. hot shrimp & crab dip would be my first choice

  2. As a gift to all readers and eaters, here's your Super Bowl treat for this year:



    enough said.

  4. GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion there is no greater food than the avacado.

  5. I agree, the avocado is a gift to mortals, but a plate of jalapeno poppers on Super Bowl Sunday is like a fireworks display in winter!