Monday, February 8, 2010

Poll of the Week - 2.08.2010

Little kids are notoriously picky eaters, which can be disheartening and a serious drain on a parent’s energy, especially if that parent is a true food lover, like Little Scarlet’s readers! Picky eaters can turn up in any household; even world-renown chefs like Tom Colicchio have children who go through a picky phase, refusing to eat raw tomatoes or anything green.

According to recent studies, however, one of the best ways to encourage children to try new foods is to bring them into the kitchen and involve them in preparing family meals. I was exposed to a great variety of foods as a child and ate fairly adventurously, but it wasn’t until I caught and cooked my first crab that I was willing to eat any shellfish besides shrimp (and even then, always hiding under a mass of cocktail sauce)!

In this week’s “Poll of the Week”, Little Scarlet wants to know what food did you hate as a child that you now can’t get enough of?

If you have a picky eater at home, what other foods do they dig their heels in about refusing? What’s the one food you’re convinced they would love if they would just give it a try? Little Scarlet wants to hear all about it – and good luck to all the parents out there!


  1. None of the above. I've been crazy for shellfish since I was 4, and I eat eggs like its my job. I have very complicated criteria for my consumption of the others.

    But, I say, picky eaters are a totally parent-based phenomenon. If you start your kid out from day 1 eating normal people food, they won't know any different. Since when was there a rule that if a kids' menu exists, you actually have to order off of it?? Sure the crayons are great for making them be quiet, but they can't read so they don't even know it's a menu, and therefore won't be tempted to order off of it. It is the parent who calls those chicken tenders and buttered pasta to their attention. Your bad. Don't complain about your picky eaters then.

    I say (as a person who has no children, so feel free to judge, really. Haha, I mean, I am 24. Though I LOVE kids. But, I digress) a kid's menu should consist of 2 options: some of what daddy's eating or some of what mommy's eating. This option is also a money saver, I might add.

    Now, I do like me some chicken tenders. So, I'm not advocating never letting kids have some tenders or a kiddie quesadilla now and then. All I'm saying is get them used to different flavors early.

  2. This is a difficult survey, as I didn't hate any of those things :)

  3. Well, I LOVED tomatoes as a child, but hated anything made with them - catsup, spaghetti sauce. Now I can't get enough fried, stewed, canned tomatoes - any way you can heat them up, I love them. But I still pass on the catsup.