Monday, February 15, 2010

Poll of the Week - 2.15.2010

Lent is a Christian holiday spanning the 46 days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. During this time, Christians traditionally practice self-denial (along with other devotional practices) by electing to give up something they enjoy for Lent’s duration. Meat and alcohol are the most common pleasures that people give up, but you could abstain from anything you enjoy and indulge in on a regular basis. Giving up things like broccoli and exercise don’t count!

For this reason, the self-denial aspect of Lent has moved beyond Christianity and is now practiced by many in a secular fashion - most often by people who want to renew their New Year’s Resolutions and use Lent as a period to regain focus.

This year, Lent begins on Wednesday, February 17, and will continue until April 3 - what will you be giving up?

Remember, Mardi Gras (or “Fat Tuesday”) is also this week, and is meant to serve as a “last hurrah” before Lent begins - so make sure you plan something big!


  1. no more chocolate for me! valentine's day brought way too much!

  2. i can't think of anything! i wanted to give up meat, but i think my mom and friends would yell at me. i could give up facebook but that would just be NUTS! remind me why we do lent again...

  3. i'm giving up all desserts except pie (which i only eat once every 2 months to begin with when at school).