Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taste of 7th Street

Ever wanted to travel around the world? For only $18? Well, keep dreaming, but at least with “Taste of 7th Street”, you can eat your way around the world for $18!

This weekend, February 27-28, marks the first inaugural “Taste of 7th Street” food festival. Walk your way down East Village’s 7th Street from 1st Ave to Ave A and eat your way from Venezuela to Italy, Maine to Tucson. If you live in the area, chances are this is already one of your favorite blocks, and if you haven’t been, this is the perfect opportunity to go!

You can buy your ticket to the “Taste of 7th Street” event on Scoop St.’s website (http://www.scoopst.com/) for half of the original $35 price, and in return you’ll be given a one-time use ticket for signature items at five of the great dining establishments on the stretch of 7th Street between 1st Ave and Ave A: Porchetta, Luke’s Lobster, Butter Lane, Caracas, and Xoom. Visit them all in the same day, or spread it out over the full weekend - the choice is up to you!

Little Scarlet has raved about Luke’s Lobster and Porchetta in the past, both of which are offering their signature sandwich as part of the “Taste of 7th Street” festival, and your “Taste of 7th Street” ticket will also entitle you to an arepa from Caracas, cupcakes from Butter Lane, and a 24oz fruit smoothie from new(est) kid on the block, Xoom. But that’s not all. Your $18 ticket will also get you a discount on beers at the best bars on 7th Street: Jimmy’s No. 43, Burp Castle, and Standings Bar. Standing head-and-shoulders above your average dive, these bars proudly carry the Good Beer Seal, demonstrating a true passion for craft beers and cask ales, as well as a commitment to being a nice, local place to drink great beer with friends.

This weekend-long celebration of local establishments is a food-lover’s dream, and there are only a limited number of half-price tickets available, so act fast!

For more details and additional ordering information, click here.

**update** - As of 24 Feb, this event is sold out - 830 tickets have been sold (wow!) but feel free to come out anyway and taste what 7th Street has to offer!

**update #2** As of 25 Feb, Scoop St will be releasing 170 more tickets this morning, so get on it!


  1. I wanna go to Caracas!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Portia!

    Looking forward to meeting you this weekend. :)


    Scoop St.