Monday, March 29, 2010

Poll of the Week - 3.29.2010

Two weeks ago, The New York Times ran an article on “rediscovering salsa”. It’s a great read about different kinds of salsa (both authentic and Americanized) and the way different Mexican salsas enhance and complement specific foods, just as different French sauces are best suited for particular dishes.

In America, we kind of have our own definitions of salsa. People prefer radically different varieties and “salsa” conjures up specific memories for a lot of people. Maybe salsa makes you think of the jarred stuff you inhaled during your college years. Or maybe you take a fishing trip with your buddies every year and always served the day’s catch with sweet, fruit salsa and cold beer. Or maybe your favorite Mexican restaurant makes a hot, smoky salsa that you want to smother on everything within sight.

This week’s “Poll of the Week” asks what is your favorite kind of salsa?

And if you have any specific salsa-related memories, please share them in a Comment!


  1. i never thought i'd say this, but i voted for fruit salsa. the blueberry salsa at terhune orchards makes the best darn salsa i've ever had!!

  2. I have a salsa related memory. It was of a delicious salsa by Old el Paso, I smooth and smoky with chipotle. Unfortch, I cannot find it anymore. RIP best salsa ever.

  3. it's so hard to choose though! i love cilantro heavy salsa with tons of tomato and onion chunks.

  4. @JW: I know, me too! Personally, I think everything tastes better with cilantro :)

  5. salsa verde makes some of the best pulled pork tacos this side of the border