Monday, April 26, 2010

Poll of the Week - 4.26.2010

New York was cloaked in a drab raincloud this weekend, complete with rolling thunder and cold, misty fog - perfect weather for cozying up indoors! Spring’s beautiful, warm, sunny days are some of the best things in life, but sometimes an April thunderstorm can be a blessing, too. Maybe it gives you the motivation to finally get around to that spring cleaning (who wants to scrub the kitchen when it’s a beautiful day outside?) or perhaps you get to spend a luxurious day doing nothing but reading the paper or finishing that book you’ve been reading in fits-and-starts.

Rainy days can be great for getting things done, but there’s also something about the doom and gloom that can turn the most active and ambitious of us into temporary couch potatoes. Between multiple TV channels, Netflix, OnDemand, Hulu, and innumerable other websites, it’s become all too easy to spend the better part of a day stuck on the couch - and couch-potato-itis can strike any one of us!

Whether you’re drawn to high-brow BBC documentaries or the lowest of the low (any reality TV series on MTV, for example…), it’s almost impossible to be a real couch potato without something to snack on. So today’s “Poll of the Week” wants to know, what’s your go-to couch potato food?


  1. In an ideal world my answer would be nachos. But, that would require work which I am not willing to do while I am couch potato-ing. It's not like in college when I used to bake cakes and leave them at the foot of my bed to munch at my leisure. Those were the days.

  2. Left over will work for me :P

  3. I can only assume from your cavalier attitude on what the best "couch potato" snack is that you have not yet partaken the wonderment that is POPCORN made on the stove, of course. Let me enlighten you. What happens is the One True God grows the corn to perfection then proceeds to magic them down to your local grocery store where the kernels are packaged in either a jar (my personal favorite)or a bag where then you, the fortunate consumer, may take them home with you. Now comes time to pop this wonderful treat. You must make sure that 100% of your attention is directed to the art of popping. You grease up the bottom of the pot with corn oil (tee-hee)**plink plink plink*** the sound of the kernals hitting the bottom of the stand over the stove waiting...waiting for the first kernel to just POP with jubilation. At times you may be afraid that while directly starting into a steaming hot pot you will take a popcorn kernel to the eye, so let me just tell you that this is rare and a splash of cold water will alleviate any pain ;-) Once it gets going you cover the lid and shake that thing back and forth until little by little the incessant popping begins to slllooowww down. You RIP off the lid (or if you're like me who puts too many kernels in to begin with the top of the pot is already raised and the popcorn is has already begun starting to pour over the side and cover the ENTIRE stove top. Now my favorite part!! You dump the entire thing into a huge bowl and admire your efforts of attempting to remove it from heat just before it burns and if you're lucky just as the last kernel was popped! Now I'm a kosher salt fan, so that is my topping of choice, but I know my sisters like old bay or sometimes even truffle oil and parmesan cheese. As I sit down in front of the TV, I pray that no one else is in the living room so that I can keep this treat all to myself and not have to share for it is just that delicious!

  4. Wonderment indeed! Try Black Jewel Popcorn, too. A gentler plink-plink is produced by the small kernels that explode with a whisper rather than a bang and pop up into tiny little black-hulled treats - perfect with evening wear and Champagne.