Sunday, May 23, 2010

Honest Tea - Perfect for Summer Sipping

I love it when Little Scarlet is given the chance to rave about great products, especially when it’s one I’ve loved for a long time. Iced tea is one of my favorite drinks, but I can’t stand the shockingly sweet stuff you find in most bottles. So I’m a big fan of Honest Tea, which prides itself on being “just tea” or only a “tad sweet”. Plus, their name is a pun, and how fun is that?!

Just in time for summer, they’ve come out with a bunch of great new flavors, all of which have 50 calories or fewer. The folks over at Honest Tea were nice enough to send me some of their new flavors, and they’re as great as I’d hoped! Like their other teas, these new ones are sweetened with organic cane sugar, so there’s no fake sweetener after-taste.

Keep an eye out for their Half & Half and any of the line of Honest Ade flavors – these are terrific on their own, but can also be an easy way to punch up a great marinade or salad dressing. These drinks are refreshingly light with just a hint of sweetness, and are sure to be a big hit as the temperature climbs!

On a side note, in addition to being Fair Trade-certified, Honest Tea now comes in a 22% lighter, BPA-free bottle – which means less waste, and a healthier planet!


  1. They are also an easy way to punch up a great glass of vodka.

  2. @Anonymous: haha did i forget to mention that? ;)

  3. If you're flavoring your glass of vodka with a splash of tea, you're doing it backwards.

  4. I actually used to get this delivered from Fresh Direct, when I lived in New York. Yummy :)

  5. jealous - i LOVE Honest Tea! i think it's some of the best tea on Earth! every time i go to my co-op, i always throw some bottles in my cart and love trying their new flavors. i can't wait to try the ades!