Monday, May 10, 2010

Poll of the Week - 5.10.2010

What do burgers, mussels, steak, and fried fish all have in common?

They all taste better with fries!

It’s a common misconception that French fries are from France, but these deep-fried strips of potato are actually the culinary achievement of some brilliant Belgian. And boy, the Belgians really do things right!  As with the great dishes of so many other countries, though, the Belgian frites have been turn upside-down through countless generations of American carnivals and state fairs.

And one of the great things about American French fries is that Americans are so open to experimentation. Whether you love them smothered in cheese, chili, or both, there are so many delightful varieties out there, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Love ‘em fresh from the fryer with nothing but salt? Want to make things a bit fancier with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese? Think they’re best with the skin left on and fried up in potato oil, allergies be damned? All these possibilities and more are common place in bars, bowling alleys, fancy restaurants, and street fairs across America.

This week’s “Poll of the Week” focuses on the different cuts of French fries. From the thick wedges of steak fries to the long, thin slivers of shoestring fries, the way a potato is cut is a large determining factor in its taste. Tell Little Scarlet – what’s your favorite cut of French fry?

p.s. If you’re ever interested in tasting true Belgian  frites here in America, you should make a visit to New York’s Pommes Frites (2nd Ave, at 7th St) – get a multitude of dipping sauces and thank me later!


  1. gimme a dr pepper and some waffle fries!!

  2. OMG Anonymous #1 stole my post!

    B**CH get me a chicken sandwich and waffle fries...FO FREE.

    I know you ain't got no siblings...

    But, I still vote for the classic pommes frites, even though that's not an option.

    But, now I am craving curly fries.

    Potatoes are my favorite food.

  3. Why isn't Belguim fries a choice? Oh yeah cause if you listed that none of the other choices would get any votes.

  4. the fries at shake shack are crinkle fries. sooooo good!