Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving Woes and a *new* Poll of the Week!

I’m so sorry for the unexplained hiatus this past week! We moved to a new apartment last Monday, so all Little Scarlet activity came to a grinding halt. Ideally, I would have laid out all of these wonderful posts in advance and been marvelously organized… but my living room still has boxes in it and my refrigerator is completely empty except for condiments, beer, and some leftover takeout. So we’re getting back on track starting now! I will buy groceries this week, I will break in my new kitchen, and I will be posting on a regular basis again – I promise.

So, without any more excuses, it’s time for this week’s (belated) “Poll of the Week”!

New York’s in the grips of a vicious heat wave (which makes moving even more fun…) and all I can think of are ways to cool down. Whether you’re in a sweltering city or a comfy country home, when hot weather strikes, what do you wish for most?


  1. haha i TOTALLY vote for winter! once summer hits all i want is to be freezing again

  2. @Anonymous, above: there's a reader after my own heart! i want to be bundled up, with the tip of my nose freezing - where's the snow when you need it??

  3. My latest discovery is something called a Slush - from Princeton's FRUITY YOGURT. Rose petals and lychee with tons of ice and green tea all whipped up like a Slurpee. This is the most cooling treat ever! I think I'll have one every day this week!!

  4. Ice cream is really the way to go this week! :O)

  5. Sweats MacKensieJuly 6, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    I can take it, just get the wind going a little bit. I'll sweat it out, sip on some iced-up lemon water, and recall fondly the brief weekend or so of comfortably warm but pleasant spring weather.

    If we could have winter with more than seven hours of sunlight, I'd be for it...

  6. I do not do well with high heat and humidity much like the chocolate I love.