Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NYC Dumpling Festival, Sept 25

Life is full of tough choices – vanilla or chocolate, scrambled or over-easy, pumpernickel or rye… And this weekend, you’ll be faced with yet another tough choice: gyoza or mandoo?

Try dumplings from all over the world this Saturday at the NYC Dumpling Festival. From 12-5 in Sara D. Roosevelt Park (right across from the Bowery Whole Foods), get your fill of pierogi, gnocchi, bao, and more! Dumplings are sold in exchange for tickets, which are purchased from one central, ticket-selling location – tickets are $20, and each ticket is worth four dumpling servings from any booth.

And if you’re more of a sprinter-style eater than a marathon-paced grazer, enter the 7th Annual Dumpling Eating Contest! Can you beat last year’s record of 66 dumplings in 2 minutes?

Whether you enter the Eating Contest or just show up to enjoy the party, remember that these dumplings sell out fast, so make sure you get there early!


  1. 66 dumplings? I've seen someone eat 108 raw oysters in 2 minutes...

  2. ah i wish i could make it! i love dumplings!!!

  3. I really wanted to go to this. Then I realized that if I just went to some dive in Chinatown I could get three times as many dumplings for $20 as the festival wants to give me. Rip off.

    Then I also realized that I am in Florida. Moot point.