Monday, October 25, 2010

Poll of the Week - 10.25.2010

Happy Halloween!!

I’ll give you all a break from hearing about Oregon for the time being (although it was amazing - look out later this week for coverage!), and move on to one of my favorite things about fall: Halloween! Here’s a little something to help get you all in the mood…

Now that you’re all excited for this Sunday’s spookiness, it’s time for the “Poll of the Week”!

Halloween is this Sunday, so now is the time to carve those pumpkins and stock up on candy for trick-or-treaters. But in case you’ve overdone it on candy leading up to Halloween (hey, it happens to the best of us), there are a lot of ways to celebrate Halloween that don’t come dipped in chocolate. Here are some ideas from Little Scarlet for ways to celebrate Halloween without in addition to candy – which is your favorite?


  1. pumpkin seeds are by far the best non-candy treat on halloween!! let's face often do you get the chance to eat these delightfully salty seeds?? it's not as though we sit around all year carving pumpkins now. popcorn balls are equally as delicious, but to me that's a treat best during the festive christmas season!

  2. Pumpkins seeds roasted- with a dash of Old Bay! Why can't we have have them all year long? My HUGE pumpkin is sitting here waiting to be carved and I am sitting and staring at it waiting for the tiny treats inside. I guess the anticipation makes it an even better snack.