Monday, November 1, 2010

Poll of the Week - 11.01.2010

I was picking up some last minute Halloween candy at CVS this weekend and couldn’t find any candy corn. I was scouring the shelves looking for this all-important staple, when I found myself face-to-face with a bag of red-and-green peanut M&Ms. I took another look, and sure enough – the rest of the candy aisle was all Christmas candy!! Now, I love Christmas more than any sane people should (it’s a family trait), but I very firmly believe that no store should stock Halloween and Christmas goodies at the same time.

And so I stood there with witches and jack o’lanterns to my left and snow angels and Christmas trees to my right, when I realized I was standing right where Thanksgiving is (sandwiched in between two highly over-commercialized holidays). And then it hit me – Thanksgiving’s only a few weeks away!!

Always the last Thursday of November, Thanksgiving comes a little earlier some years than it does others. This year, people all over the country will sit down to offer thanks on *November 25*. Thanks for friends, thanks for family, thanks for hearth and home – and thanks for food. After all, we can’t survive without it!

But for most of those people, giving thanks for food goes far beyond merely appreciating sustenance – we give thanks for stuffing and pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole, turkey and wine. And we thank the people who took the time and the care to arrange such wonderful menus to enjoy with their families.

So this week’s “Poll of the Week” asks, have you started planning your Thanksgiving menu yet?


  1. i really play no part in the cooking of thanksgiving dinner...all i know is massage the turkey and tell it to behave austin powers style (gross! but apparently it's something i did when i was a wee little lass) and consume as much stuffing as a i can before i even sit down to the table

  2. I really just show up and help with and eat Thanksgiving with my family the day of... so minimal planning on my end

  3. Prince John, that phony king of England!!!!

    Bennettsaurus Tex & Heather

  4. I like coming up with 'adjustments' to the traditional menu - not any radical changes, but some experiements to add a little something to the previous year's spread. Sometimes disasters, sometimes not - few of these have taken up permenant residence on my Thanksgiving tABle, but it's nice to keep things fresh and the same.