Monday, November 29, 2010

Poll of the Week - 11.29.2010

Well it’s been another unexpected break since I last posted, and I owe you guys tons of posts and then some. I’m getting my act together, though, and in the meantime – here’s a new “Poll of the Week”!

Between getting ready for Thanksgiving and getting ready for the Christmas season, I’ve spent a lot of time in the grocery store this past week. I love walking through grocery stores, looking at all of the fresh produce and soaking up holiday cheer. But the best days of all are when you stumble across Free Sample Day! I love when this happens, the whole store becomes one giant string of “free sample” serving stations - and it’s always on a day when I’m starving. It doesn’t get much better than showing up hungry to a store full of food and getting to graze your way through for free – especially in the days leading up to big food holidays, like Thanksgiving!

For this week’s “Poll of the Week”, Little Scarlet wants to know, when you’re lucky enough to show up on Free Sample Day, what’s your favorite kind of sample?

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