Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big news from Little Scarlet!

Attention, everyone - Little Scarlet has some big news to share with you all later today! But instead of diving right into it, here are a couple of hints to get you through the day:

Big Surprise Hint #1: Can anyone think of a use for ammonium carbonate?

Big Surprise Hint #2: Blueberries make great pies, scones, fruit salads, salsas, and....... ??

(Are these the worst clues ever? Try this next one out...)

Big Surprise Hint #3: There’s a theme for Saturday’s dinner party using ingredients from Hints #1 and #2

Big Surprise Hint #4: Dinner is inspired by the setting of a Sondheim musical, currently starring Angela Lansbury & Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Big Surprise Hint #5: Foodbuzz is helping Little Scarlet out on this one... and the surprise will officially post on January 24....

Can’t guess? Be sure to check back at 4h30 pm EST (Tuesday, Jan 19) to find out Little Scarlet’s big surprise!

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***update*** Still can’t guess? Look here for the big news!

This month, Little Scarlet will be featured in Foodbuzz’s “24, 24, 24”!! Each month, Foodbuzz accepts proposals from its Featured Publishers for the “24 meals, 24 hours, 24 blogs” program, where Foodbuzz ultimately selects 24 entries for inclusion. These 24 meals have to be prepared on the same day (24 hours), and coverage must then be posted on all 24 blogs.

So what will Little Scarlet be blogging about on January 24? A Swedish-themed dinner party happening this Saturday, in honor of A Little Night Music’s first Broadway revival!

Little Scarlet’s “24, 24, 24” event is the ultimate New York “dinner and a show”. Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music is a light-hearted tale of mismatched lovers set in turn-of-the-century Sweden during Midsummer’s Eve, and Little Scarlet’s Swedish smörgåsbord on Saturday night will be the perfect foreplay to our attendance of Sunday’s matinee performance.

In much of the world right now, these cold, dark winter months make it easy for many home cooks to get sucked into tired routines, so why not draw inspiration from a country that produces fine food even during the “Polar Nights”? This winter equivalent of the “Midnight Sun” shrouds Sweden in darkness for many weeks of the year, but Sweden has much more to offer than IKEA’s Swedish meatballs. Make sure to come back this Sunday, January 24 to read how Little Scarlet’s traditional Swedish smörgåsbord turns out!

I will be posting recipes of all food prepared during Little Scarlet’s “24, 24, 24” event, so that you can recreate this fabulous spread on your own. And for those lucky readers in New York City (or the tri-state area), I hope you’re able to create your own New York-Swedish “dinner and a show”!


  1. that's awesome, i can't wait to hear what you're going to make!! congrats, 24-24-24 is a big deal!

  2. That's so great. Good for you. Can't wait for all the recipes.