Monday, January 18, 2010

Poll of the Week - 1.18.2010

To all of my American readers, happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Hopefully you’re like me and are enjoying a day off from work, catching up on whatever you didn’t get around to this weekend - whether it’s laundry, sleep, or a new recipe!

Little Scarlet has spent much of the past few days doing research and reading up on different restaurants to decide which places to visit during the long weekend - the research paid off and it’s been a busy couple of days full of great eating.  In reading about different New York restaurants and food trends, though, there are a couple of terms that pop up over and over again. Some of these terms (like “organic”) are very popular and widespread, while others (like “Caveman” or “Paleo”) are relatively unheard of. And others just have ridiculous names - “flexitarian”, anyone?

Today’s “Poll of the Week” wants to know, of all the foodie trends out there right now, which name bothers you the most? (note: not the movement itself, but just the name given to it) What name are you the most tired of hearing?

Leave your rants in the Comments section, below!


  1. sorry, we run a little slow down here ... it might be a few years before these show up, i'll let you know then ...LOL

  2. And by "flexitarian" do you mean you eat all foods just at different a normal person?!

  3. LOL...Flexitarian looks like a misprint.

  4. I just discovered that I might be "flexitarian". I do eat meat but as little as possible. But GOD that word is ugly!

  5. Flexitarian - definitely an annoying name. Why do we feel that we must give a name to every habit, trend, and lifestyle?